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Eliquid Concentrate Brands - DIY Ejuice Calculator

We from iVape have developed the ultimate eLiquid / eJuice Calculator on the web just for YOU the Vaping community. We know there are some great ones out there but they’re all missing one or more functionalities we would like to see in a diy ecalculator. This is the reason why we’ve decided to create one ourselves.

Our calculator computes the results on-the-fly while you’re creating your recipe. This way you’ll be able to see in an instance how much of an ingredient you need for your batch. We’ve implemented the EXACT density of more than 1000 concentrates of brands like MolinBerry, Capella, Inawera and TFA. This feature makes it a breeze mixing your recipe by weight. We’ve added an archive function so you’ll be able to store your recipes in a database for personal use or to share with others. All together we think we’ve created a great tool for you eMixologists.

Target PG/VG Ratio
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Batch amount
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Add flavours to you recipe.
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Your Recipe

Below you’ll find the results for your recipe. Once you've completed your recipe click the send button and your recipe will be added to your personal database ( You’ll need to be logged in for this action ). You can view and edit your personal database through the 'My Recipe' page in your profile.
Within your personal database you’ll be able to publicly share your recipe on our website or keep it for personal use.

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