eMixology 101

Let’s start with an important warning if you’re planning to add Nicotine to your eJuice.

Nicotine liquid is toxic and is potentially harmful/lethal to humans and animals.
Keep the eliquid out of reach of children and animals, preferably in a secure place. When mixing, make sure you have a clear area to work in to avoid any cross-contamination and keep children/animals out of that area while you are handling the liquid.
Always wear latex gloves and cover your arms as a precaution – some people are sensitive to Nicotine on the skin.

Now we can get on with mixing. \

Your eliquid contains 0% to 4.5% Nicotine, which equates to 0mg/ml to 45mg/ml.
You will often see a figure shown as 18mg on bottles, but that is not the correct format as it implies the bottle contains 18mg of Nicotine when it really contains 18mg per ml. Your PG and VG, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol (Glycerine), are used to dilute the Nicotine liquid to the strength/concentration that you prefer. So, if you mixed equal parts VG-PG-4.5% Eliquid, you would have an eliquid at 1.5% (15mg/ml). That figure would be slightly reduced when you added your flavouring, which is usually between 5% and 15% with the average around 8%.

We have developed a useful and easy to use eJuice Calculator at https://ivape.tv/ejuice-calculator/
You simply enter the VG/PG ratio, , the Amount to Create, Water/Alcohol Diluent (optional), Nicotine Base Strength, the Target Nicotine Level and the Flavours. The required amounts will be displayed in the recipe table and include, PG or VG with nicotine (your base eliquid), PG or VG (no nicotine), Diluent (optional) and Flavouring.

Use the syringes to accurately measure out the required amounts, place the lid on your bottle and shake to mix.
You might come across many different suggested methods that involve ‘steeping’, leaving the eliquid to develop,
from three days to three months! Some leave the lids off for a week, some leave on a window sill, whatever their choice.

If you are adding just one flavour to your eliquid, once you have given it a good shake you can vape it. The flavour might develop a little more over time but I have found it is hardly discernible, except for Custard-based flavours which seem to develop slowly and can take several weeks to reach their optimum flavour. When mixing flavourings together to create a new flavour,  Always work with the flavour concentrates first and you might mix many recipes until you smell that it’s right, then allow the concentrates to steep and develop – flavourings react with each other to produce new background flavours.
The goal is to be able to recognise the original flavours but to also taste the background flavours that are created and which fill in the gaps. You can mix several flavourings straight into your eliquid and VG/PG, but if it’s not right you have wasted a lot of liquid! Work with small amounts of concentrate first and even when your happy with them, mix a small sample batch of around 10ml so that you can test it before making lots of the stuff. That allows you to start with a lower flavour percentage and then increase it as you sample the vape; you can add more flavour but it’s hard to take it out! Too much flavour can often result in the eliquid being overpowering and sickly, like putting too much sugar in your tea or coffee.

There is one more key ingredient and it is the most important, PATIENCE. It’s not always easy to
temper the excitement of making your own ‘brew’ but that patience is indeed a virtue. Next to patience is thoroughness, particularly when blending concentrates or making your test samples; have a notepad and record every single ingredient in every recipe you try, then make sure there is a label on the bottle referring to its recipe! When you hit the jackpot with a perfect flavour you want to be able to recreate it exactly over and over again.

If you are blending concentrates to create a new flavour, make small samples first and allow them to steep at least a few days; sweet flavours are usually fully-steeped in 7 days but tobacco flavours tend to take 14 to 21 days to fully mature, that’s where patience comes into its own! More complex blends using 5 to 10 flavour concentrates also take longer to develop.

So, record everything, keep your equipment clean, be patient, and be careful when handling and storing eliquid.

Latex gloves
Always use gloves. Nicotine can be harmful.
Syringe for measuring the ingredients
Glass bottle
Use a glass bottle to mix your eLiquid
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