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Server moved to USA

After 12 days of hard work, testing and tweaking we can finally say the migration of our server has been a success. Ramnode

We’ve moved our website to a superfast server provided by Ramnode and together with all the latest server technology we’ve been able to speedup our website to the extreme. The last week we’ve been optimising our scripts to give our visitor a better experience and ensure stability. Obviously we’ve tested our website but there’s always a chance we’ve missed some bugs. Please let us know and we’ll dive straight in to it.

New Concentrates

In the meantime we’ve been very busy with expending our database and resources and we’re happy to say we’re about to start a collaboration with 2 concentrate brands. One rather small brand from the US and one MASSIVE manufacturer from Poland. We’re hoping to be able to give you guys some good news in the near future.

Dry Herb Vaporisers

We’ve come to a point when we have to make a decision on whether we’ll review and promoted Dry herb Vapegear. We’ve started iVape with the idea to help people stop smoking and promote vaping as a whole. Now we personally don’t use any Mary-Jane products as we’re crazy enough by ourselves to see this world as one big joke. We would like to hear from or visitors what you do think about vaping weed and us promoting these product on our platform? Please leave a comment below .



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