Dragonfire 🐲


TPA Dragonfruit makes up the base of this recipe. It provides an excellent sweet fruity flavor with a subtle creaminess. I chose CAP Harvest Berry & Cranberry as the supporting berry flavors to really set this recipe apart from other dragonfruit recipes I've seen. I wanted to break away from strawberry ripe/dragonfruit custard. Also, the lack of any creams or custards helps to make this a unique recipe, since dragonfruit is so commonly used with creams/custard flavors. I personally find this to be most enjoyable during the warmer months. A great vape for spring or summertime!

Recipe Type


30 %
70 %
Dragonfruit - TPA
8 %
Cranberry - CAP
3 %
Harvest Berry - CAP
4 %
Sweetener - TPA
.75 %
Recipe Note

A sweet dragonfruit + berry blend.

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